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Importance of social media

We specialise in Facebook ad campaigns. No matter your budget we can work out the best strategy for your campaign and get you results. With years of training with Facebook business manager and managing multiple ad campaigns, we have developed a strategy that seems to really get results from awareness, clicks and conversions.

Why be on Facebook?

It's about customer perception

Being present on Facebook is all about brand awareness and customer perception. Don't get caught up on how many likes or comments on a post, it's all about the bigger picture.


Need further convincing?

6 reasons to be active on Facebook.

  • Business presence will help gain exposure to new potential customers

  • Drive website traffic which in turn increases your google SEO performance

  • Targeted advertising based on location, age, gender, interests and more

  • Great way to engage with your existing customers. Continual reassurance in your customers investment into your brand will lead to a positive word of mouth

  • Build your customer database by competitions and giveaways

  • Customer service. A great way to offer two-way communication between you and the customer.


Ad Campaigns

We make it work for you

Simply boosting your post on Facebook won't cut it. It's easy to throw money at Facebook on ad campaigns, but you won't be maximising your spend. Once you've identified your key objectives, e.g. awareness, traffic, engagement, we can then start to build the campaign for the best results including using different ad sets, creating specific target markets, key areas, interests and more. And if you really want to get complicated, you can build campaigns around re-targeting those who have visited your site, purchased on your site previously, and other methods to not only engage your audience, but keep them coming back.

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