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About us

The Marketing Pantry has over ten years experience in all areas of marketing for the Hi-Fi industry. We work with brands such as KEF, Sony, Arcam, Linn, Bluesound and JBL just to name a few. 

We know businesses all need professional marketing for their brand, but we understand budgets can be restrictive for an in-house marketing manager, let alone contracting to a major agency. This is where The Marketing Pantry fits right in!

Niche offering

We know the HiFi industry

Our experiences in this industry are niche and we understand the industry and we know your customers. 


We understand your customer

We don't just tick boxes.

Our number one rule when it comes to advertising is really understanding who your customers are. When it comes to strategic campaigns or developing artwork having that knowledge of the industry and your customers helps us create a successful campaign.


We work with your budget

No matter the size.

We also know that not every company is the same and requirements are different for everyone, including budgets. No matter the size of your business, we can relate to everyone and pride ourselves on personalisation. We can’t wait to hear from you – reach out, even for a chat just to test the waters.

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